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xSigma And Maxim Magazine Launch A New Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Marketplace

A partnership has been made between Maxim Magazine and xSigma for the launch of the latest platform named MaximNFT. The marketplace is considered to give special access to the NFT collections of Maxim. The R&D laboratory of blockchain “xSigma” is a subordinate to ZK International. The laboratory has been manufacturing its unique DeFi (decentralized finance), stablecoin, as well as NFT based products. In the meantime, Maxim Magazine has completed its 25 years while doing business, and it is currently accessible from 75 countries throughout the globe.

MaximNFT: the latest NFT

The target of the magazine is male youngsters as well as women, lifestyle, fashion, and cars. It is seen as the safe-for-work type of magazine such as Playboy. Former covered models are Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie, and Christina Aguilera. This marketplace is organized to connect the clout of the brand name of Maxim with xSigma lab’s research and advancement capabilities. With the help of the marketplace of MaximNFT, the consumers will be provided with the opportunity to sell, purchase, and mint those NFTs which use multiple blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance-smart-chain, and Polkadot.

Having a strength of up to 10 million regular readers, MaximNFT pursues to grasp the attention of big traders and creators through the efforts of digital publishing, social media, and print. At the back, some features are included to incorporate NFT tokenization (allowing traders to trade their NFTs fractional ownership). In this way, these exclusive assets can be broken down as well as circulated in the crypto community. MaximNFT aspires that this move will evolve the industry.

Maxim NFTs to emphasize pop culture and sports

Maxim arranges to concentrate on celebrities and sports collectibles along with gaming content. Up till now, only one among these partnerships has been established. In a Twitter post of 2nd September, it was announced by MaximNFT that it had shaken hands with Michael Beasley (an earlier NBA star). In an Instagram post, it has been confirmed by Beasley that the NFTs thereof will be placed specifically on MaximNFT during November.

Except for some exceptional happening, these tokens will be the earliest NFTs that the platform will have for sale. It has also been stated during the press release that the firm is assured that the upsurge of gaming, as well as the NFTs’ incorporation into the metaverse, will consistently increase.

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